Boat Handling

A Sublift is a unique patented semi-submersible boat hoist, which enables fast, safe and cost effective handling of boats and yachts, including launching in and out of water as well as land transportation and storage. The Sublift is easily wireless remote controlled by a single person.

Sublift - Key Benefits:

  • Boats are moved with ease in and out of the water.
  • No adjustments to stays and masts on sailing yachts.
  • One solution for lifting, launching, transport and storage of all vessels.
  • Unique ability to move in tight spaces with total control, accuracy and safety.
  • Easy unloading on regular supports, cradles or directly onto a lorry.
  • Smooth speed regulation from crawl speed to quick walking speed.
  • High quality Scandinavian engineering and manufacturing.

Sublift - New Warranty Package with every Sublift:

From the very start Sublift AB has constructed and delivered products intended to be in use for a long time and that can deliver customer benefits year after year without expensive repairs, whilst working in both salt and fresh water.
Now Sublift AB would like to put these words into action and give customers a warranty that corresponds to the quality of this product and make buying a Sublift a safe investment.

  • 10 years corrosion warranty on all galvanized parts
  • 8 years functionality warranty on lift cylinders
  • 5 years trade-in warranty of a minimum of 40% of the purchase price when buying a new Sublift of equal size or bigger
  • 5 years functionality warranty on hubs and bearings
  • 24 months full warranty on functionality and construction